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The German Lottery must distribute its profits to charitable and non-profit organizations. A foundation was established in West Berlin towards these ends. It supports projects as well as institutions which engage in social, charitable, environmentally-advantageous, cultural, and civic as well as youth and sport activities.
  • Alapítói szerepben:
  • Hely:
    • Vilnius Z. Sierakausko gatvė 5, Lithuania 03105
  • Név:
    • General Directorate for the Protection of State Secrets in the Press under the Council of Ministers of Soviet Lithuania
  • Alapítás ideje:
    • 1944
  • Alkotói szerepben:
  • Hely:
    • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Név:
    • Republic Bulgaria. Council of Ministers
  • Alapítás ideje:
    • 1878